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    ADD:NO.128,West Renmin road,Hengshui city,Hebei,China
    Home > Zhong Huai Tea

    ZHONG HUAI TEA(Paper box pack)

    Trademark: chunming
    N.W: 1.5g×30 Wrap/ box
    Component: Zhong huai tea
    Sanitation licence code: Heng Health License NO.(2006)-0110
    Food production licence code: JI XK01-301-128
    Perform standard: Q/HSZ03-2004
    Shelf life: 18 months
    Manufacturer: Joint Venture Hebei Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink CO.,LTD.
    Address: 128,West Renmin Road,Hengshui City,Hebei,China
    Tel: 86-318-2665016
    Fax: 86-318-2170061
    E-mail: sales@hsshanzhi.com
    Web: www.matdhumbs.com

    Zhong Huai Tea
    Zhong Huai Tea is a pure natural health drink prepared from Fructus Sophora and red date.

    Store the method:
    Place in the cool and well ventilated and dry place.
    This article can't replace the treatment function of the medicine